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Webmaster Scholarship

Discussion in 'Information Board' started by Xyphien, Feb 11, 2016.

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    Webmaster Scholarship!

    We are now fully up and running, and because of that I decided to host a HUGE giveaway. I'll be giving away over $300 worth of free webmaster content to members! Continue to read this to see how you could win some AMAZING FREE webmaster resources!


    XenForo License
    SEOClerks SEO Package
    SEOClerks GOV & EDU backlinks

    1 year of HawkHost Hosting (Basic Shared Hosting)
    Domain Name through NameCheap (Total of three will be given away) ($13 or lower)
    A paid theme/style for a forum software of choice. ($30 or lower)
    A paid advertisement of your website on a Publicity Clerk site of your choosing ($20 or lower)
    1 year of SSL (Https) from ssl2buy

    Alright, now that the prizes has hopefully got you interested in this event, let me go ahead and explain the contest/event to you all. Webmaster Scholarship is our first ever giveaway. We will be giving away all the above prizes (Over $300 worth of webmaster tools) to members for free. We will be giving it away to random members who meet the requirements of the event, we will randomly generate members names who meet the requirements, and members will be chosen completely random. At that point you will have an option to choose your prize depending on if it is still available or not. By reading below you can learn how to apply, and possibly receive a free prize!

    We will be giving away prizes once we hit the following achievements
    2,500 posts -
    1 year of SSL (Https) from ssl2buy
    5,000 posts - SEOClerks SEO Package
    10,000 posts - A paid advertisement of your website on a Publicity Clerk site of your choosing ($20 or lower)
    25,000 posts - See information below:

    500 topics - Domain Name through NameCheap (Total of three will be given away) ($13 or lower)
    1,000 topics - SEOClerks GOV & EDU backlinks
    2,500 topics - A paid theme/style for a forum software of choice. ($30 or lower)
    5,000 topics - See information below:

    For the 25,000th and 5,000th post/topic:
    Depending on which one comes first we will be giving away 1 year of
    HawkHost Hosting (Basic Shared Hosting), the second one, being the last one will be when we giveaway the grand prize of the XenForo License


    Must have at least 25 topics
    Must have at least 100 posts
    Must be in good standing (Have no warnings on your profile/Not breaking rules)

    More Information:
    Once you reach 25 topics, and 100 posts you will be automagically entered into the drawing as 1 raffle for this whole event (You will have 1 raffle on all events, 1,000 posts, 250 topics, etc.).
    Every 10 topics, and 50 posts after that count will count as another raffle entry.
    For example, if you have two members. One has 25 topics and 100 posts. He will have 1 entry into the contest. If the other member has 60 topics and 150 posts he will have 2 entries.
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  2. Brilliant giveaway - great way to get content on the forum too
  3. I have updated this to include one more prize!: 1 year of SSL (Https) from ssl2buy
  4. Another great prize considering Google now prefers sites with SSL
  5. Very nice - it'll hopefully bring in some activity for you. Hopefully win some of those great prizes!
  6. Pretty good giveaways. And highest giveaway package you given away?
  7. What do you mean by giveaway package?

    Each prize will be individually given out to whoever wins. A random user will be drawn from the contest, and that user will be able to pick one product he/she wishes that is still available. I hope this explains it :)
  8. These are some amazing prizes! It will be amazing to win some of these, it'll help me out a LOT when trying to make my site :D
  9. Nice giveaway :) Hope it goes well. I'm not keen and would prefer people to get the prizes that need t more than me. So if I do end up qualifying and win something please donate to someone else.
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  10. I'm glad you like it, and I'll make sure to do that :D
  11. What an awesome giveaway! Every item in this giveaway is a jaw-dropper. Best of luck to everyone entering!
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    That Xenforo license shall be mine. The spammer bot has been enabled. :3

    Though, that is a pretty big goal to set. 10k posts? o_O
  13. My other site got 10k posts in less than 2 months XD, so I figured 10k posts was something easily achieved lol. Once the SEO and everything get's up and running on this it should hopefully be easier.

    We have change the rules to make it more fair! @Creditly gave me this idea with his post, as well as some others! I have changed the rules to make multiple giveaways throughout the 10,000 posts and 2,500 topics!
  15. Come on. Taken my community over 1600 posts since July 2015. What makes other websites get it all so easy in the first two months? Some websites get it in two weeks and yet I do the same amount of work with SEO
  16. I've spent a lot in SEO, advertising, and personal connections :D We're almost 5 months in and have over 4k members 2.5k topics with 24k posts. It's all about the niche, amount of SEO, time, etc. you put into it. Like this site will take a while to get up as it's in a HUGE and widely packed niche/genre. It's something a lot of people have and put SEO into.
  17. This certainly sounds great, but (to my knowledge) users have to find/read this thread to even be aware of it. :confused: Why don't you post a banner (or at least a notice) about it so everyone (guests & members) can see and be aware of it?
  18. Glad you like the idea. Speak of ideas, thank you for the good one yourself. I've added this as a notice so everyone will be able to see it now.
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  19. Yes, it showed up just fine on my return visit here!
  20. Good idea promoting the giveaway.. thanks and good luck to all!

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