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[Sell] 400k view a month Gaming Forum

Discussion in 'Member Internship' started by Xyphien, Jul 15, 2016.

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    390k-415k views a month on average. The site makes around $30 a month in adsense, and currently makes $45 a month off of user upgrades (VIP type membership). The site has little management needed. The site is based off of a game creation program. So everyone on there are game developers, gamers, artists, musicians, etc. It's the biggest site for the program it is based off of. I'm currently thinking about selling it, and if you're interested in it PM me for further details. I cannot state much publically, however I'd be more than happy to release more details via PM.

    Current analytics:


    If you noticed, most of the traffic is from the US, so it's all 100% legit traffic. I've paid a lot of money for SEO, and in most top searches, we're listed on the 1st page, on almost all other top searches we're on 2-3 pages of google. Once again, more information can be given via PM.
  2. Good luck selling, looks like a pretty good site
  3. send me some more info - martin @ martin-evans.net


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